What Premature Twins Can Teach Us

Premature Twins Holding Hands.  Have you seen this yet?  As a new father gently nestles his two week premature babies close to his chest, with tubes and life support in place, something absolutely amazing happens.  Baby Kristian reaches out and holds the hand of his twin, Kristiana.  A beautiful, harmonious moment, captured by mom.  Something beautiful for this family to experience, but surely there is not just a blessing for them.  What does this pure and innocent action say about humanity as a whole?

To me it says, that within each of us there is a innate desire to love and be loved.  It says that even before we are born (remembering that these tots are two weeks premature) this deep need to nurture and comfort is within us.  It says that there is a much deeper connection between us than what grows through familiarity and development. It says that there is harmony and balance between us. It says that we are all connected spiritually and that we are meant to be here for each other.

Incidentally this loving gesture was not a once off.  The twins appear to search each other out on every opportunity, whenever they are in close proximity.  Yes, we can learn a lot from these two innocent souls, Kristiana and Kristian.  Something for us all to reflect on.