How to Make Money From Forums

Forums are places where people can get together and exchange information, ask for advice, or offer help to others about particular subjects. They are very useful for conducting research, making professional connections and for just learning in general. Here are some tips for anyone interested in how to make money from forums.

Cultivate Value and Respect

Anyone who runs a forum knows the importance of posting. By posting frequently and informatively, you gain reputation and rank. Often you will have to pay out of pocket for your site’s maintenance at first, especially if you choose not to use standard per-click advertising methods for whatever reason, so cultivating a good reputation is very important in how to make money from forums. If people like you and follow you, they will help your site to climb in the page rankings and, eventually, bring in profits.

Be Creative

Sometimes it takes thinking “outside the box” to make money from forums. If your forum is about local soccer, solicit local sporting goods stores, pro or semi-pro leagues, etc., for sponsorships. Offer to write relevant content for other, more successful forums or sites, to gain entry to their forums and build your own reputation. Contact local businesses and offer to sell ad space to them. By cultivating multiple income streams, you will eventually generate enough money in small increments to not only fund the forum or site, but may even make a profit!

Get into the Directories

Rather than relying simply on SEO, getting your site’s forum into a directory is another great method for how to make money from forums. Directories like Dmoz and others are clearinghouses for subject-specific forums, and are a very popular way for people to search for forums about the things that interest them. Some of these directories exclude those forums that are ad-heavy or known for spam, so look into them individually. Try to find directories that specialize in your particular area of interest to ensure targeted traffic.

Get Affiliated

By partnering with other sites or by joining an affiliate network you can substantially increase the possibility of making money from your forum. Product promotion should be relevant to your forum’s content, and always make sure that the network or other sites that you partner up with are reputable. Essentially, you are allowing them to advertise on your pages, and vice-versa, with the ultimate goal of more click-through to purchases-and profit. This is how to make money from forums without a lot of work on your part.

Create Paid Advertisement Sections

Many of the top forums are currently turning over hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, simply through paid advertisement sections. This can include employment opportunities, products or services available, classified listings and more. This really only works well when you have a lot of members who know they will get value for money by advertising.

You can quickly see how to make money from forums, with the multiple venues that are available. More traffic brings more opportunities for earnings, whether it is via per-click ads, sponsorships, affiliate programs or other revenue streams.

Source by Mick Stevenson